Won’t You Be…

WARNING: Obtain tissues before watching trailer.

Visit the official movie site for Won’t You Be My Neighbor.

A Fitting End

This is the last of the Halloween posts, and I wanted it to be something special. So here’s something so special it couldn’t be embedded:


A Night on Bald Mountain

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Something’s In The Woods

Nox Arcana is my hands-down favorite gothic band – I own almost all of their albums, and I listen to them year-round.

It’s no coincidence that this song is from the album Grimm Tales, because that’s what I listen to when I’m working on things like A Wolf in the Woods. Have you downloaded your copy yet?

Zombies Dance With Wolves

You knew this was coming too, because it’s just not Halloween without Thriller.

Did you know this wasn’t the only cinematic horror-themed video Michael Jackson made? Ghosts is almost 40 minutes long, was written by Stephen King, and has movie-worthy special effects.