Quick Note

About all of the late and/or nonexistent posts recently: The posting schedule is going to be wonky for just a little bit longer. I had to get new glasses and they weren’t calibrated properly for computer use (I wear trifocals), so I’m minus usable writing/editing glasses until the correct pair comes in – trying to force it with the current pair gave me the headache from hell, so we’re not doing that again. Getting my new replacement glasses shouldn’t take too terribly long, thank goodness – I’m going crazy not being able to write!

UPDATE 24 April: Second redo of my computer glasses just came in, heading out to get them shortly. The first redo made the whole screen clear again…but they also made every square and rectangle look like a trapezoid, because this is apparently the month of random eyeglass weirdness. :((  Anyway, fingers crossed that the third time’s the charm!

FINAL UPDATE 24 April: Glasses are back in working order, yay!

Quick note, there won’t be any content posted this week due to me having contracted whatever flu/virus/plague is currently sweeping the planet.  Should be back on track next week, and of course the Happy Page will be updated on Sunday like always.

A quick note about today’s new video on The Happy Page: I originally had another video lined up, but this birthday surprise party video showed up in my Pinterest feed and I thought it was just too sweet not to share.

Fic Update – Revelations

Chapter 12 of Revelations (Last Chance Diner AU) is up! Only one more chapter to go, and then we’re done.