July Camp NaNo Coming Soon!

I’ve been getting ready for July’s Camp NaNo session and needed a book cover for my project, so here it is – the working version cover, I keep finding things I need to tweak. Read More

Milestone Achieved!

Today The Black Beast hit 250 downloads – a record for one of my books!

It’s also now in the Smashwords Premium Catalog, meaning you can get it from almost any ebook retailer except the Kindle Store. No, that isn’t a reflection on my book or Amazon’s opinion of it – Amazon has no opinion of my book. But they’ll only accept books from the Smashwords catalog that have hit a certain sales threshold, and it’s a level none of my current published titles are ever going to reach. In a nutshell, I’m just not popular enough as an author to make it into the Kindle Store unless I start publishing through them exclusively, which isn’t going to happen.

For my readers who are Kindle owners: Smashwords has the book in mobi format so you can sideload it to your device. I even tested it on Kindle for PC to make sure the formatting held up.

Miscellany: A Learning Experience

I got to thinking about this story the other day for no particular reason, so I decided to pull it out of its hiding place, clean it up, and add it to the Miscellany pile.
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