Happy Page Update #17-48

Want to leave your world behind?

Happy Page Update #17-41

Fire burn and cauldron bubble…

Pool Noodle Defense

Spring is here, and Propnomicon has found yet another creative use for pool noodles.

Why eBay Doesn’t Have A Heart

Yesterday, Propnomicon woke up and discovered that eBay had taken down one of his auctions with extreme prejudice. Something about trafficking in human body parts being against their policies? Not sure where they would have gotten that idea… “The heart used in this binding talisman shows the characteristic distortion of one placed inside a box while fresh.  The moist tissue molded to one corner of the container and then dried out, displaying a distinctive ridge.  At some point the heart was recovered from it’s resting place at the intersection of two roads and the spirit ritually bound.  During the ceremony iron spikes were nailed into the desiccated flesh, allowing the necromancer to trap the soul within.” In his defense, the auction title and accompanying disclaimer did clearly state that the heart is just a very well-made prop. eBay wasn’t buying it, though – and if you look at the close-up …

Horrors For Home and Garden – From the Pool

You know what those are? Other than eldritch water horrors waiting to devour unwary divers, I mean.