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Happy Page Update #17-42

This week on The Happy Page: We’re going to learn how to make a special Halloween treat…but not the kind you think. Consider this your Halloween antidote to all the candy, cookies, cake, and pop. And pumpkin. There is no pumpkin here.

I personally saw these and thought ‘spider’ not ‘octopus’, but to each their own. 😉


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Not Quite, But Almost

This is not actually a Disney property, but it’s designed in the same style as the old-school Disney cartoon shorts. And it should be a very fitting place to spend part of this Friday the 13th.
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Official Communication

“A Disney Cast Member’s top priority, is the comfort and safety of our guests.”
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Slow Build

Again, scary is subjective – people who enjoy faster-paced horror might find this gradually unfolding story to be too slow for a good scare. But it did do a pretty good job capturing the atmosphere of the book it was taken from, which is to be expected since the author, Ray Bradbury, also wrote the script.
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