Jack is Back

For all of you who may have been waiting patiently for more in the Carson Diaries AU, the next chapter of Found is now up! Jack has all the information about certain incidents now, and he isn’t a very happy camper.


More Family Business

Yes, I finally got the rest of it done! So now there are six chapters of Family Business, and we’ve added a new – but entirely predictable, considering what else is in there – fandom to the mix.

Ever wondered who Elise’s friends in L.A. are, or who Blake’s father is? You’re about to find out. 😉

A Day in the Life

Did you ever wonder what the goings-on in Perfection look like from Twitchell’s perspective? If the answer was yes, then today you’re in luck! A Day in the Life is the next chapter in Tremors: The Subtext, and it’s all Twitchell all the time.

On a related note, sometimes people ask me why it takes so long for me to update some of these ongoing stories. In the case of Tremors: The Subtext, the answer is pretty simple: I’m running out of stories to tell in the AU, but I don’t want to just end it with no resolution. So I’m trying to keep the series going until I can figure out how to cap it off somehow…but at the same time, I’m running out of stories for it. It’s a catch-22. 🙁 I’ll keep trying, something will come to me. Eventually.