Jack is Back

For all of you who may have been waiting patiently for more in the Carson Diaries AU, the next chapter of Found is now up! Jack has all the information about certain incidents now, and he isn’t a very happy camper.


More Family Business

Yes, I finally got the rest of it done! So now there are six chapters of Family Business, and we’ve added a new – but entirely predictable, considering what else is in there – fandom to the mix.

Ever wondered who Elise’s friends in L.A. are, or who Blake’s father is? You’re about to find out. 😉

Family Assemble!

Here’s a short fic called Family Assemble that I actually started a couple of years ago and only finished last month. Inspired by a drawing of Fury walking the pint-sized Avengers to school that I originally saw on Tumblr, it’s a story about retired agent Nick Fury trying to raise six damaged little kids that he sometimes thinks he remembers from somewhere else.

No, I don’t know where that subplot is/was/would have been going, so consider this story a one-shot. Whatever you think is going on, you’re probably right! 🙂