Around the Worlds

Portal generator working? Check.
Everything’s secure at home? Check.
Time to pay back that favor? You betcha!

Around the Worlds is the next set of stories in the Finders Keepers series, and it starts off with today’s story, First Stop.

If you aren’t following Finders Keepers but you were following Damage Control . . . you may want to read this story anyway. 😉

Leaves Fall and Snow Returns

If anyone has been waiting patiently for more Damage Control, the last two stories* have been posted on AO3.

In a nutshell, Fury does what he has to do, and then worries about the aftermath – with good reason. But maybe he wasn’t worried enough.

On a positive note, even though this series is over…*there will be another Damage Control story coming up. It’s just going to be in a different series. 😉

Welcome to Monster Island

No, this is not the next chapter of A World Full of Monsters – it’s the next installment in the Finders Keepers series. Picking up just over a year after “Family Business” left off, Island Home features Monster Island getting a visitor who really isn’t supposed to be there uninvited. I’ll give you three guesses who that is.

And no, Jerry is NOT Godzilla. Even if a certain worm guy did get mentioned. 😉

If you are new to the series, you’ll probably want to read the preceding one, The HR Stories, to know who some of these people are and what’s been going on before you dive into Finders Keepers. This AU has gotten kind of…complicated.

Jack is Back

For all of you who may have been waiting patiently for more in the Carson Diaries AU, the next chapter of Found is now up! Jack has all the information about certain incidents now, and he isn’t a very happy camper.


More Family Business

Yes, I finally got the rest of it done! So now there are six chapters of Family Business, and we’ve added a new – but entirely predictable, considering what else is in there – fandom to the mix.

Ever wondered who Elise’s friends in L.A. are, or who Blake’s father is? You’re about to find out. 😉