A World Full of Monsters

A sci-fi serial about four guys who do science for a living, the bunnygirl who lives in their lab, and a rogue scientist who really, really wants to be a supervillain.

monster n. /ˈmän(t)-stər/ 1 A creature of strange or terrifying shape; a plant or animal having an abnormal form or structure. 2 An imaginary creature, as in folklore, which is excessively large, ugly, or frightening. 3 A person who displays unnaturally cruel, violent, or wicked behavior, to the extent that their actions arouse feelings of horror.

zipper theory  n. /ˈzɪp·ər ˈθɪər·i1 A theory pertaining to a specific mechanism of inducing both physical and genetic modification via direct DNA manipulation in living organisms, involving a strand of DNA being separated at the vertical midpoint and then reconnected with a section from another organism which has been separated in the same manner. The theory was so named because the separation and reconnection process superficially resembles the action of a zipper. 2 The scientific theory behind the metamorphic process colloquially known as modding.


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