Sounds Creepy To Me

Some things creep us out visually, but what about when the ‘wrong’ feeling gets to you through your ears? Brenden McAuley has some ideas about that.Continue reading

A Different Kind of Creepy

There are many ways to enter the Uncanny Valley, but augmented reality can provide such a smooth transition that you don’t realize you’ve left the ‘normal’ world behind. Or have you?Continue reading

Creepy To Some

Yesterday we learned aaalll about what makes things creepy. So now let’s see some things that maybe just don’t seem quite right…or do they?Continue reading

Why So Creepy?

Everyone has gotten the creeps at some point, but have you ever wondered why? It’s all about our brain’s response to ambiguity, to things that just don’t seem to be quite…right.¬†Continue reading

Happy Page Update #18-40

This week on The Happy Page:¬†Last week we had food that wasn’t for you, so this week we’ve got something that is. Suitable for the current season, but also for plenty of winter holiday dinners to come. Enjoy!

If you don’t have bread flour, you can just use regular flour. Or if you’re a perfectionistic type of baker and that suggestion just made you break out in hives, this Baking 101 post from Savory Simple has instructions for making your own bread flour out of regular flour.

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