It’s a Virtue

Today’s chapter of A World Full of Monsters is going to post a bit late due to technical and personal difficulties. The new chapter will be up this afternoon next Friday. Thank you for your patience!

I realize that large portions of the country are either underwater or on fire and therefore a distraction may be needed, so here, have a baby beaver. 🙂

The Happy Page

Happy Page Update #17-36

This week on The Happy PageWe’re going to do something seasonal. Weirdly not autumn-related. And no pumpkin spice.

Cyril Rolando, also known as AquaSixio, is one of my favorite surrealist artists – although he doesn’t consider himself an artist, just a Photoshop hobbyist. This particular work was part of his Dancing Zodiac series, all of which are available individually as prints or in a set as a calendar.

The Happy Page is updated every Sunday with a video that is cute or yummy or funny or inspiring or something.
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A World Full of Monsters: Out of the Water, Part 5

It’s time to come up with some plans.

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