Good Morning Vietnam!

Our newest en masse visitors have been trying to get into the site since 5:30 this morning, apparently they want to catch up with Ukraine’s early lead in the November Author Site Hacking Olympics. Big wave for our new Vietnamese hackers, everyone! Chào buổi sáng các bạn! I had a look at the password list you guys are using, those wouldn’t even get you through the King of Druidia’s air shield. I know, I know, you’re probably just starting out – new business venture, nothing’s working the way you thought it would. Sucks, I’m sure. You are distracting me from more important things, though (namely the NaNoWriMo word count I’m several thousand words behind on) because the system keeps notifying me that you’re trying to get in every five minutes, so please go practice hacking somewhere else. Cảm ơn bạn,  chúc may mắn với công việc của bạn!


Happy Page Update #18-44

This week on The Happy Page: Last week we had 100 floors of frights in a haunted hotel. This week the hotel isn’t haunted…it’s infinite.

I’ll be honest, they lost me when the second of the infinite number of infinite buses entered the queue. 😉

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Welcome To November

Okay, so Halloween is over. Lessons learned this year:

  • A large spool of garden twist-tie with attached cutter is the most useful thing in the world when putting up decorations – especially if you don’t want them to blow away.
  • Two coats of clear-coat spray for plastic will make any Halloween decoration relatively weatherproof.
  • People really don’t notice that you didn’t get half the decorating and stuff done that you’d planned on.
  • Bad weather apparently means MORE trick-or-treaters come out, not less.
  • People complimenting your costume when you’re not wearing one is both funny and irksome.
  • Posting 31 days of themed content is a shit-ton of work. Speaking of which, the GKG Halloween 2018 playlist is unlocked on YouTube now. You’re welcome.

NaNoWriMo 2018 Writer badgeAnd now, it is November. It’s actually the second of November, so I’m sure some of you are wondering why this wasn’t up on the first and why there is no new fiction today. Well, I’ll tell you, that’s because the month of October was a DISASTER. Lingering household aftermath of having windows replaced in September. Company coming in on short notice. Having to go back on medication course for GI issues right before company arrives. Spouse travelling 90% of the time. Computer monitor going out mimicking computer’s motherboard going out. Freelance client I hadn’t heard from in months suddenly popping back up with more work while computer was in the shop. Having to move office from upstairs to downstairs after just getting it all fixed up. Old computer not liking new monitor or the internet, motherboard actually is going wonky. New computer refusing to accept cloned hard drive, tech support refusing to tell me how to get the computer to cooperate, having to reinstall everything. Weird smell in new office space turning out to be stealth cat pee behind desk. NaNoWriMo getting ready to start. Yes, this is a demon.

TL/DR: In a nutshell, it’s November 2nd, not a word written yet for NaNo or anything else, and the only thing I want to do is go outside and rage-scream like a fucking banshee and then come back in and summon a demon and ask if it wants to help with some holiday baking and maybe discuss the pre-publishing edits I need to do for my last book over a nice cup of tea. That’s a good way to start November off, right?

Happy Hauntings!

Finally, it’s Halloween! I think this one is a fitting farewell to the season, don’t you? (Psst, it’s available on iTunes!)


Miscellany: Blood Calls

See, told you I’d come up with something. 😉 This one also seems to want to be part of a larger story. We’ll just have to see.Continue reading