Happy Page Update #17-53

This week on The Happy PageNew Year’s Kitties!!! Singing, no less. Something cute and happy to polish off the year with, and to remind all of you that no matter how bad things seem…there will always be a little bit of happy somewhere if you only go looking for it.

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Around and Round They Go

And where they’ll stop…well, I can’t tell you that, it would spoil the story. 😉 But you can catch up on the latest multiverse-hopping news in Chapter 2 of Around the Worlds. And yes, most of the other-universe references are either to other Avengers AUs I’ve written or to events from the movies. And one to a piece of Thanos fan art fuckery many of you have probably seen floating around on social media somewhere, which summed up my feelings about how he looks in the newest movie pretty well.


A World Full of Monsters: Friends and Family

It’s time for the wedding of the century! Or at least the year…

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Happy Page Update #17-52

This week on The Happy Page: A really pretty song for Christmas Eve. Wishing you all a warm and wonderful holiday, Happy Christmas, everyone!


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