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Happy Page Update #17-28

This week on The Happy Page: I happened upon a carved candle video a few week ago because YouTube’s ‘you might also like this’ suggestions tend to offer me a weird grab-bag of stuff, and I was intrigued because I’d never really thought about how they make those. This isn’t that video, though – I hunted around until I found one that showed more of the technique, and that had better music (better in my opinion, anyway). The one I chose ended up being from the Ural Candle Factory, which doesn’t just sell candles, as it turns out (thank you Instagram!), they also teach candlemaking and help other people to set up their own candle businesses.

I admire carved candles, but I’ve never owned one – I won’t let myself get one, you see, because I know I wouldn’t ever be able to bring myself to light it. 😉

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Another Cat Post

Too Soon

RIP Cupcake
At just a year old, our spicy-sweet, always-affectionate PerfectCake wasn’t with us nearly long enough.
She was rapidly losing her battle with FIP, however, so we had to say goodbye today for her own good.