Around the Worlds

Portal generator working? Check.
Everything’s secure at home? Check.
Time to pay back that favor? You betcha!

Around the Worlds is the next set of stories in the Finders Keepers series, and it starts off with today’s story, First Stop.

If you aren’t following Finders Keepers but you were following Damage Control . . . you may want to read this story anyway. 😉

A World Full of Monsters: International Diplomacy

What do you say to a bad Sasquatch who wants to come home?

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Leaves Fall and Snow Returns

If anyone has been waiting patiently for more Damage Control, the last two stories* have been posted on AO3.

In a nutshell, Fury does what he has to do, and then worries about the aftermath – with good reason. But maybe he wasn’t worried enough.

On a positive note, even though this series is over…*there will be another Damage Control story coming up. It’s just going to be in a different series. 😉

Miscellany: Notice Me

Got to thinking that, in the absence of a Halloween video, I really ought to give all of you who aren’t reading A World Full of Monsters something to entertain yourselves with for the day. So here’s a quick little horror story I wrote in response to a picture story request on FB, which I hope will stick with you the next time you visit your local mall on a rainy, foggy night. 👻

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