The Very Shared Post

national flag of PolandThis is a thing that doesn’t usually happen, according to my site stats, so I feel justified in being a bit excited about it. It was an older post, Pool Noodle Defense, and it looks like someone shared it on Facebook somewhere. It also looks like most of the people hitting the link are from Poland, so on the off chance any of them wander back here to the main page:

Cześć i witaj! I think you’re actually wanting Propnomicon’s blog, which is what that post was referencing and is all about props and gaffs and awesome Mythos things, but thanks for visiting anyway!

UPDATE: The post was apparently shared by LARP Poland – I was very relieved to find that out!

Craft Break

A garden shadowbox, recently finished by me

Considering this is the first shadowbox I’ve ever done – hooray for clearance sales at the craft store! – I don’t think it came out too bad.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Alice Through the Looking GlassI was searching for something online earlier – site security related, of course, because that’s all I ever do anymore – when my search somehow pulled up a page that was not only completely unrelated, it was also completely unrelated to anything else anywhere I’d ever seen: I had stumbled onto a social-media outpost inhabited by the tinfoil-hat wearing conspiracy-theory brigade. Not going to link to it because I don’t want anyone else falling down the rabbit hole (or any of the rabbits coming to visit me here), but take my word for it, the subject matter was…strange. Which coming from me? Is really saying something.

They were discussing a topic I’d never heard of before and which is not referenced in Wikipedia. Or on Snopes. Googling it just takes you further down into the rabbit hole, showing more sites and posts and pages where they’re all basically quoting the same sources and referring back to each other. Visiting any of those pages opens up the rest of the warren, more topics branching down into the paranoid darkness, more arguments coiled in endless spirals of repetitive madness, more metal-hatted rabbits chittering to each other in their own coded language. Here and there something recognizable will emerge – unemployment, current events, the election – but will almost immediately be twisted around to reveal terrible unseen meanings you know aren’t really there but which are being accepted as obvious, even tiresome. And that’s when you start wondering, is this real?

It got frightening after three or four link hops, at least two of which I probably shouldn’t have taken, so I backed out of everything, abandoned my quest to find out why some bot in St. Petersburg was generating an error by crawling my site, and fled the computer to make dinner. But the chitters from the looking-glass world of the rabbits still lingered, whispering doubts about perception and the true nature of reality. Is the lack of evidence really a kind of evidence all in itself? Or is the madness of rabbits simply contagious?

Or are we all rabbits, and some are just more mad than others? The White Rabbit

Technical Difficulties

QUICK NOTE (8:30am): If you’re seeing this and things keep flickering and changing, that’s because a plugin updated and broke some things. Working to fix it now!

3rd HOUR UPDATE: Fixed part of it and yes, that frustrated screaming you heard earlier was me. Sharing is picking up the correct image now everywhere but on G+, so I don’t advise trying to share the link to Chapter 1 over there. Which since that’s my main sharing site on social media…I’m going to go scream some more, and then make myself a nice cup of tea before I go back to trying to fix the remaining problem(s).

THE ‘I GIVE UP’ UPDATE: Okay, it’s as fixed as it’s going to get and I’m out of decaf tea so that’s it for tonight. The cute little blank teaser spaces in the TOC may be going away because of this, because the scheduled chapters won’t auto-post correctly (read ‘at all’). This is a problem WordPress has apparently been denying they had for years and doesn’t consider fixable from their end. But anyway, the story chapters will still post when I said they would, I’m just going to have to do it manually for the time being. Which means I will be seeing all of you here live every Friday morning at 8am EST, iced cappuccino in hand. 😉

Beware: Time-Waster Ahead

Okay, you have been warned, what I’m about to show you is a time-waster of epic proportions – I accidentally spent a couple of hours there this afternoon, and only got off because I had to go do something else. And that was after losing track of time on there last night before bed after it popped up in my Pinterest feed.

It’s called Doll Divine Princess Maker. And it lets you make things like this:

Princess-Maker-DollDivine_FrostPatternElsaAnd this:

Princess-Maker-DollDivine_FrostPatternJohnWhich is more than a little awesome – that’s Elsa and John, by the way, from the novel-length fic I’m about to start posting on AO3. They’re not perfect but close enough – and hey, my story has some actual Disney-style illustrations now!

If you get a chance to go over and play with the Princess Maker, post a link in the comments so I can see what – or rather, who – you made. I won’t ask how long you spent over there, I promise. 😉