Craft Break

A garden shadowbox, recently finished by me
Considering this is the first shadowbox I’ve ever done – hooray for clearance sales at the craft store! – I don’t think it came out too bad.

Technical Difficulties

QUICK NOTE (8:30am): If you’re seeing this and things keep flickering and changing, that’s because a plugin updated and broke some things. Working to fix it now! 3rd HOUR UPDATE: Fixed part of it and yes, that frustrated screaming you heard earlier was me. Sharing is picking up the correct image now everywhere but on G+, so I don’t advise trying to share the link to Chapter 1 over there. Which since that’s my main sharing site on social media…I’m going to go scream some more, and then make myself a nice cup of tea before I go back to trying to fix the remaining problem(s). THE ‘I GIVE UP’ UPDATE: Okay, it’s as fixed as it’s going to get and I’m out of decaf tea so that’s it for tonight. The cute little blank teaser spaces in the TOC may be going away because of this, because the scheduled …