In the Land of Ever After

In the Land of Ever After: Chapter 28 – Coronation

As it turned out, Adam really did need another king’s help – and so did John.

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Goodbye, Waco Kid

We lost another one today: Gene Wilder has died at the age of 83 of complications from Alzheimer’s disease.

The Very Shared Post

national flag of PolandThis is a thing that doesn’t usually happen, according to my site stats, so I feel justified in being a bit excited about it. It was an older post, Pool Noodle Defense, and it looks like someone shared it on Facebook somewhere. It also looks like most of the people hitting the link are from Poland, so on the off chance any of them wander back here to the main page:

Cześć i witaj! I think you’re actually wanting Propnomicon’s blog, which is what that post was referencing and is all about props and gaffs and awesome Mythos things, but thanks for visiting anyway!

UPDATE: The post was apparently shared by LARP Poland – I was very relieved to find that out!