Quinquennial Event

Haven’t been out and about much online this week, sorry about that. The reason? I have the fucking flu.

Yes, that did require profanity.

I get the flu approximately once every 5 years – you’d think I’d have learned by now to track it on a calendar or something, but nooo, I haven’t. It’s not something I look forward to, obviously, but it’s only twice a decade so I can deal with it.  I’ll watch TV and drink juice and wish I was dead, and after about a week I’ll go back to normal. No, I am not productive when I have the flu. I don’t get things done, I don’t write, I don’t do much of anything. This morning I binge-watched Ask A Mortician for several hours before wandering downstairs for the afternoon, drinking some soup my son made for me (from scratch, no less) and somewhat fuzzily coming to the conclusion that maybe I really should let people know where I’ve been all week. So that’s where I’ve been: Either upstairs in bed sleeping and binge-watching YouTube or downstairs on the couch watching TV. Which has YouTube and Netflix and Hulu on it, thank all the gods, because the only thing our cable is good for is making the Internet run faster and inspiring my wife to plan more DIY home renovations.

So anyway, I’ll continue to be in mostly non-productive mode for a while longer while I finish fighting off the flu and the burgeoning sinus infection that may or may not have come with the flu, but at least I’m downstairs on my laptop making a post and I managed to feed the cats this morning, so actually an extremely productive day for me on the flu-having spectrum. Would even go so far as to call it a good day…if I didn’t have the bloody fucking flu.*

*bonus points if you know what fic that’s from 😉

Just Doing Stuff

disgruntled RemyI’m looking at my editorial calendar, and it’s telling me I should have written a blog post yesterday. That did not happen. Instead I spent most of the day fixing tech issues on the blog, updating things, de-updating things, and semi-productively surfing YouTube – The Happy Page doesn’t update itself, you know. I went on Pinterest and there wasn’t much new to see, so I went out to the plant cage and moved the habanero and the tomatoes out to the deck because it isn’t supposed to freeze again and they’re both huge. And then I made spinach turnovers for dinner and watched an episode of Insane Pools with my wife.

Which meant I had to write a blog post today, and I woke up drawing a blank. Checking all of the other blogs I follow netted me two things to comment on, another review of the new Dark and Gritty Superhero Movie, and an idea for a prop which I actually went upstairs to the studio and created a mockup of just to make sure it would work (it did). But I still didn’t have a topic for a blog post. G+ was full of Atlas Obscura posts, some of which I +1’d for being interesting reads but none of which could be appropriated for the blog. I checked my mail, scanned the kudos notification from AO3 – Extended Family is still popular, someone read and liked Finders Keepers – and then went to look for a job. Found a writing gig that didn’t pay, but that did make me remember I had stories in my portfolio which needed to go up on the site so I could link to them when applying for gigs that might pay. Spent a while creating book covers in Photoshop, then uploaded the stories. Checked my email again. People on one of the forums I belong to are continuing their days-long argument about posting etiquette and today it took a rather nasty turn, so I’m waiting for the moderator to scold them like naughty children. But it hasn’t happened yet. Went to Pinterest, still nothing interesting; looked up plantains because I have two in the kitchen and found a couple of recipes, also learned that I can totally put a green plantain in the spiralizer, yay!  So we’re having marinated chicken and plantain fried rice for dinner, during which we will watch Lucas build another awesome custom pool because that and the treehouse show are fun to watch and don’t make me fear for the future of humanity the way half of everything on HGTV currently does.

So now I have to go cook, and possibly make some jerk seasoning just because I can. Let me think, is there anything else? Maybe…

  • There is a new Thug Kitchen cookbook out. NSFW, also NSFYourMom unless your mom is me – I bought our daughter the first one for her birthday last year, it’s an awesome cookbook;
  • There are two new stories up on the Stories page, natch;
  • I changed my Camp NaNo project, going to do some very necessary revisions instead of writing something new. I’ll work on the Barracuda Flats continuation next Camp;
  • Oh, and In the Land of Ever After will start posting here on the blog on Friday morning, April 1st, 8am sharp! A cover link will also appear for it on the Stories page. And just so you know, all of those blank lines you’ll be seeing in the Table of Contents below the first chapter are indicating already-scheduled chapter posts. Which means that if you enjoy my takes on fairy tales, you aren’t going to be running out of fresh weekly reading material for a good long while. 😉

End of a Long Week

sleepy_kittyAll of the guests are gone. The kitchen is FINALLY clean again. Nobody is sleeping in the library, watching weird shite in the living room (although I did enjoy Archer), or complaining about all the snow. I bound a book for my wife for Valentine’s Day, got the cats caught up on their shots, and put the first part of In the Land of Ever After in the hands of its Disney-obsessed beta reader – who likes it so far.

It was a very long week.

Obligatory Recap

Apparently, if you are a writer and have actually been doing that regularly, you are expected to write something witty or moving or inspiring to round off the year’s end for your readers.

Honestly, I got nothin’ for you guys. All thirty or so of you, up from the dozen regular visitors from a year or so ago when all I had a was dying archival website and a failed, defunct blog.

Rebranding was scary, believe me. It was time, though. I’d been having problems with the Campfire’s original hosting provider, I’d started moving more and more of my fanfiction stories over to AO3, and I was writing more and more original fiction that just didn’t fit on the old site under the old name. So I did some research, took a class about blogging for authors, picked a name and bought up some domains. And started blogging on the one that rhymed, and putting more effort into being more consistently productive in both my writing and my social media presence – you can actually follow me on YouTube now just like you can on Pinterest or G+. (Do be warned that half of what I like or list on YouTube is probably NSFW, and not just because the Hellsing Ultimate Abridged playlist is on there, either.)

Ah yes, the writing – I did do a lot of that this year. I made it all the way to the final round in the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge, and that in a genre I didn’t really consider to be one of my better ones. I won at Camp NaNoWriMo in April and regular NaNoWriMo in November. I wrote three novel-length stories in total, two original and one fanfiction, finished some fic series, continued a few others, and did some more short stories – including a couple of Yuletide Treats that no one will know I wrote until tomorrow. Oh, and I published a new original short fairy tale reimagining, which as of today has been downloaded by 133 people, yay! It’ll be double-yay if I can get any of those people to buy the (much longer) sequel in 2016, but we’ll just have to wait and see how that works out.

On the personal front, it’s been a mixed bag. My wife’s company relocated us to Indiana, where we got a very nice house which she immediately set out to DIY the hell out of – I’ve been living in a construction zone all year, and it’s been driving me nuts. The downstairs is done now, though, and it’s gorgeous, and I’ve been promised a breather from having paint and tools scattered around everywhere until at least late spring. Indiana turned out to be The Kingdom of the F**king Spiders and no one told us, which was not cool of whoever is in charge of making sure people know those sorts of things.  The weather here is a big improvement over the weather in Texas, though, so that’s been nice. I’ve gone from about 40% gray to around 75% silver-gray this year, which was not so nice – not that you can usually see it, because I keep it colored with a very pretty color called Plum Black. Oh, and my wife’s company decided to lay her off – along with 499 of her co-workers – right before Thanksgiving, so things were kind of stressful around here for a while. Luckily she’d suspected something was up and had already started looking, and her new job starts in January so we don’t have to move and start the DIY process over again in a different house, because I would go absolutely batshit insane if that happened.

In the world at large outside of my house…okay, to all of you who aren’t from here: Yes, we know our elected officials are all nuts and our political scene is a joke. No, we can’t do anything about that, sorry – we lost control of that situation years ago. And the reason I don’t usually mention politics or most current events here on the blog is because I think there’s enough of that out there already and sometimes people just need a break from it. So we’ve got The Happy Page and we have updates and teasers and interesting little things and the occasional bout of snark, and the only way I’m putting politics on here is if someone presents  a write-in candidate we can pretend we’re trying to O’Neill into office a la Voracity’s The Next President of the United States. I will happily campaign for a fictional character, just make sure they meet the basic requirements for the job. Nominations are welcome in the comments, we’ll pick the best one we can.

Hmm, for not having anything to say that sure is a lot of text, isn’t it? It is, I know it is. Anyway, I hope you all have a safe night tonight, and that the beginning of 2016 is good for you and gives you a lot to look forward to over the next twelve months. Happy New Year, everyone!