Wytch Born

CWC Collaborative Novel Vol. 4

Wytch Born
Editions:Paperback: $ 13.99
ISBN: 0986315974
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 330
Kindle - Kindle Edition: $ 3.99
Pages: 234

Wytches and Paladins have been at war for centuries. The old feud exists beyond their history, deeply embedded in the blood of their ancestors. And as the last of the Taker bloodline of Wytches, Salem feels the call of battle all too fiercely.


Publisher: CW Publishing House

Simza Adenah is a Paladin, sworn to hunt down and kill every Wytch she can find. But when she meets Salem Taker, the man whose Wytchcraft is more closely tied to her own past than she can ever imagine, they must put aside their blood feud in order to win a much greater battle - one that threatens not just their own world, but the many others existing alongside it. Salem understands and embraces his duty to Mother Magic, to the gifts she gave him and the world he's sworn to protect. Simza refuses to claim her birthright as Magic's daughter, and cannot accept an alliance with a Wytch. But if they don't put their differences aside and embrace the power of the Ancients bringing them together, neither Wytch nor Paladin will overcome the forces aiming to consume everything they know.

Wytch Born is the fourth collaborative novel created by the CWC, a story born from the creative labors of 22 international authors and some really dedicated editors. Please see the book's Amazon listing for a full list of contributing authors.

The Collaborative Writing Challenge (CWC) is an organization dedicated to bringing writers together from all walks of life to collaborate on full length fiction novels. This is their fourth publication and the quality and demand of each new project increases each time. Please visit www.collaborativewritingchallenge.com to learn more about what wonderful things CWC writers are doing.

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