About Me

Yes, I know it looks like there are three of us here, but really there’s only me. I just use different names for different things.

Goth Kitty Gazette logo imageGoth Kitty Lady
Goth Kitty Lady is the handle I use for blogging and social media.  I write both fanfiction and original fiction, I like to cook and do crafts, and I have a somewhat disturbing fondness for disaster movies and killer animal movies.  And I tend to get REALLY enthusiastic about things that I like, which seems to annoy everyone except my wife. Did I mention I have a wife?  I do! I have a very nice wife and two very sarcastic grown children, and of course we also have a whole bunch of cats. I’m also goth and female, hence the name.

L.S. Christopher
L.S. Christopher is my author name – you know, like Mark Twain except not Mark Twain. I am the author of two published books and multiple short stories, as well as an annual participant in the thirty days of horror that is National Novel Writing Month and a two-time contributor to the Collaborative Writing Challenge. One of those books is available on Amazon, but you can find my other works at Smashwords or here on Goth Kitty Gazette.

Setcheti is my fanfiction author name, which I’ve been writing under for fifteen years give or take. I am the author of In the Land of Ever After, The HR Stories, The Last Chance Diner and Prince of Persia: Age of the Sandglass, just to name a few of the more recently finished ones. I have never met a plot bunny that didn’t morph into a rabid jackalope, and almost all of my stories are AUs (alternate universes) rather than strictly adhering to canon. And no, I am not ashamed of the fact that I write fanfiction – and I don’t think anyone else should be either.