Happy Page Update #19-12

This week on The Happy PageMarch 31st is World Backup Day – as in back up your files. On your computer! On your tablet! On your phone!

Of course, you should be backing up your data a LOT more often than once a year. Because drives fail, viruses and malware happen, cryptolockers (that’s ransomware) lock up your files pending you forking over a king’s ransom in bitcoin. So back up  your data if you don’t want to lose it! On a schedule that makes sense according to how you use your computer. And make sure you back up all of the important stuff: your documents, your bookmarks, your desktop, your photos and music and videos and all those random files you have stashed around your computer. Yes, even your hidden porn collection – do you really want to have to go find all of those videos again…you know, don’t answer that.

About this week’s video: I’d never heard of these artists, but for some reason when I was searching for World Backup Day the algorithm served me this video. It’s kind of NSFW in spots, but the video’s techno Mad Max vibe was intriguing, the song is catchy, and I figure that if it sticks in your head the way it did mine you’ll be reminded to BACK UP. 😉

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