Happy Page Update #19-08

This week on The Happy Page: March is here. The stores are filling up with gardening stuff and swimsuits and stuffed bunnies. Wait, is it snowing? Of course it is – March always kicks off wet, windy and cold! Oh, and it’s also cold and flu season, so here’s something cheerful and cozy to warm you up on the inside if not the outside. And which shouldn’t have an impact on the fit of that swimsuit you did not just buy. 😉

Okay, okay – yes I have already started buying gardening stuff. The seeds aren’t going to start themselves! No comment on the stuffed bunny.

The Happy Page is updated every Sunday with a video that is cute or yummy or funny or inspiring or something.
Content is always relatively cheery, but not guaranteed to be safe for work – slack at your own risk!


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