Happy Page Update #18-52

This week on The Happy Page: We started this year with foxes, we’re going to end it with foxes. And David Attenborough.

2018 has been quite a year. We still have the heavy Sword of Article 11 and 13 hanging over the Internet’s collective heads. Stan Lee died, and so did Stephen Hawking, Anthony Bourdain, Burt Reynolds and Aretha Franklin. A giant killer shark movie happened, and a Mary Poppins sequel that amazingly didn’t suck. At various times almost everywhere has been either flooded or on fire. Jason Momoa managed to shift Aquaman back into the cool zone again. And the POTUS’s Twitter feed grew slightly more surreal with every passing day.

Oh, and I finished a book, which all of you got to read the serialized version of first. And which will be formally published next year so everyone else can read it. Maybe be watching the site for more about that. And for new stories and more snark and various other stuff, of course. 😉

Happy New Year, everyone!

The Happy Page is updated every Sunday with a video that is cute or yummy or funny or inspiring or something.
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