Happy Page Update #18-50

This week on The Happy Page: I love gingerbread. That is the ENTIRE reason for this week’s video. I just love old-fashioned cake-style gingerbread. Sometimes I make it with raisins, sometimes not. And I don’t usually dust, frost or glaze mine, I eat it warm either as-is or with homemade lemon curd. I will also eat it cold. I will pretty much eat it in any state that isn’t batter, because raw gingerbread batter? Is not very nice. 🙁

The Happy Page is updated every Sunday with a video that is cute or yummy or funny or inspiring or something.
Content is always relatively cheery, but not guaranteed to be safe for work – slack at your own risk!

Oh, you were wanting gingerbread cookies? Me too! Archway didn’t have them out at the store this year,  I was quite upset. And I can’t make them worth a damn. Mrs. Crocombe, however, makes it look easy.


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