Ten Things You Didn’t Know: A World Full of Monsters

1. I found out after I wrote A World Full of Monsters that zipper theory is actually a thing. It’s not the same thing as the version I pulled out of my a…made up, of course, but there is a real scientific theory which is called that.

cover image for A World Full of Monsters2.  Danny ended up being from ‘just outside of Boston’ because one of the hosts of a podcast I binge-listen to is from that area and his accent got stuck in my head. The back-and-forth he has with his co-host also inspired the tone of the ‘guy talk’ that goes on between Danny and Joey.

3.  At one point I toyed with having most of the story turn out not to be real – everything that happened after Danny saved Joey from the dorm fire would have been a coma dream. If you look for it, you can still see traces of that idea in the early chapters.

4.  Pete’s sexual orientation is never mentioned because Pete doesn’t think too much about it himself. Pete is just Pete.

5.  For some chapters, especially the later ones, I ended up doing more research than I did actual writing.

6.  “Out of the Water” was written week by week as it was being posted. The story would have ended at around 28 chapters, but when I got to looking at the last few I decided I wasn’t happy with the way things were/weren’t wrapping up and something more was needed. ‘Something more’ ended up being 21 more chapters and an entirely different ending than the one I’d originally written.

7.  Some of the characters from A World Full of Monsters are slated to make an appearance in one of the final chapters of the Finders Keepers AU as inhabitants of an alternate Earth. I won’t be able to label them as being from this story (i.e., I can’t use A World Full of Monsters as a fandom tag on AO3, more on that another time), but I will post something on the blog to let everyone know the boys have made their appearance.

8.  Frustrated by life and the news one weekend, I wrote an alternate ending to the series where the U.S. government tried to force Danny to work for them and GenoMod had to relocate to another country to protect themselves. They became the official Canadian lab.

9.  Want to see that movie poster Danny asked Pete about at the beginning of Chapter 3? Here it is.

10. Only one person has ever left feedback on A World Full of Monsters. **waves to Toby**



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    **Toby waves back**. I love this story sooooo much I had to leave my normal silence behind. Though I’m glad you didn’t do the comma dream. As a Canadian I’d have happily seen the guys come north. And I will be happy to see them in finders keepers.

    25 August 2018 at 7:49 am Reply
    • Goth Kitty Lady
      Goth Kitty Lady

      lol, I’m glad you did! It means a lot to an author to get reader feedback, lets us know we’re not just shouting into the void.

      Yeah, the coma-dream idea was back when this wasn’t going to be a very long story, it was more of a twist ending than anything else. And it was so cliche. 😉

      25 August 2018 at 2:04 pm Reply
  • Goth Kitty Lady
    Goth Kitty Lady

    On #10, that’s now 2 people! **waves to BookWyrm**

    25 August 2018 at 11:11 pm Reply
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      Thank you 🙂

      I’m glad that it got all those extra chapters and the different ending — so much more to read, and all of it well written, it was really great.

      26 August 2018 at 12:04 pm Reply
      • Goth Kitty Lady
        Goth Kitty Lady

        Thanks! I actually like the revised ending much better than the original one – it has a lot more depth.

        27 August 2018 at 2:17 pm Reply

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