Offline Reading

The PDF version of A World Full of Monsters has been updated, and now includes all 49 chapters – and chapter links, because I’m not mean enough to make you scroll through 289 pages just to find that one scene you really wanted to re-read.

Again, this is NOT the final version of this story, the PDF just an offline-reading copy of the final serialized web version. The real final version will be illustrated and have added content, and it will be an actual ebook. Maybe also a physical book. And if I can ever manage to draw the @#$%^ fishie right, someday Official F.A.P. Squad t-shirts may be a thing too. 😉

A big thank you to everyone who’s been reading this serial, and an even bigger thank you to Toby for continuing to comment on it – without feedback, authors are just shouting into the void, and the void is a lonely place. Now, on to the next story!

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