Happy Page Update #17-41

This week on The Happy Page: A cool Halloween yard prop you can build in two days. With minimal supplies that aren’t very expensive. Oh, and you’ll be able to store it and use it again next year, too!

A word about using expanding foam: This is for the people who’ve never used it, because people who’ve used it before have probably learned at least some of this the hard way. It’s designed to be used to fill cracks and gaps on things like houses, so it sticks to EVERYTHING and on most things it’s going to be difficult if not impossible to get off – wet or dry. So protect your work surface, protect your hands and your clothes, tie back your hair, lock up your pets and children. Oh, and once you’ve cracked open that can…well, in theory you can clean the nozzle out with acetone or something, in practice not so much. So buy the regular-sized can, not the extra-tall one, unless you’re planning to make a bigger prop/more than one prop and think you’ll need the extra foam. There are a TON of things you can make with expanding foam…or you can, you know, fill cracks and gaps with it. 😉

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