Happy Page Update #17-37

This week on The Happy Page: Okay, we’ve got plural hurricanes, multiple wildfires, and Mexico’s ridiculously huge earthquake, which I’m told is probably spawning tsunamis. But you know what? We still don’t have another planet trying to eat ours.

Bonus Videos!!!
I’m sure there will be plenty more like this – Hurricane Irma just got to Florida, after all, and Florida is just stuffed with wildlife – but these are some of the videos I liked best.

Nice little compilation of some of the animal rescues during/after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

“What are you waiting for, Human? There’s a hurricane coming – DRIVE!!!”
And then they all hunkered down together and had a drink and some chicken, because why the hell not.

Holy shit, that was a big carp.
Note for people following A World Full of Monsters: This is about how big the baby fishies are.

“Okay, for the sake of the paperwork we’re just going to pretend that’s a dog, ma’am. A really fat, weird dog.”


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