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Your Tumblr Dealer shared the following English Game on Facebook today: Insert the word ‘only’ anywhere in the sentence ‘She told him that she loved him.’

Eight different places, eight different stories.

Only she told him that she loved him. No one else ever had. No one else ever would, either, and that was all right – her voice was the only one he cared to hear saying it. He had programmed her to be the only one he needed, after all.

*   *   *   *

She only told him that she loved him. No one else had ever believed it, especially not once she was gone.

* * * *

She told only him that she loved him. She’d never spoken those words to anyone else. She’d never had a reason to.

* * * *

She told him only that she loved him. No word of complaint ever passed her lips, no mention of the hardships their tiny family faced, no whisper of how alone and frightened she must have felt. It wasn’t until he grew older, until the weight of the broken world they lived in began to impress itself on him, that he realized her love had been the only truth he’d ever known.

* * * *

She told him that only she loved him. He’d never had reason to doubt her. His mother may have been a cold woman, distant even, but for him she’d allowed the occasional flicker of warmth to show. Which was more than he’d ever received from anyone else in town.

* * * *

She told him that she only loved him. Her family would make her marry one of the others, they both knew it…but he was the one who would always have her heart. So he came in through the window on her wedding night, knife in hand, and made sure of it.

* * * *

She told him that she loved only him. She lied.

* * * *

She told him that she loved him only. Above all others, forever and completely. And since he loved her the same way, they lived happily ever after.

Table of Contents

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