In the Land of Ever After

In the Land of Ever After: Chapter 9 – An Uncommon Christmas

The holiday as celebrated in Adam’s kingdom is a perplexing new experience for John and Elsa.

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For Love of the Game

The way I understand it, as someone who isn’t a sports person, one of the highest compliments you can give someone who is into sports is to say they’re into it ‘for love of the game’ – we show a little more respect for a player who plays because it’s their passion. So how come in most other pursuits that’s an insult?

I was making the rounds of social media last week and ran across yet another article slamming shaming ridiculing picking at people for having hobbies the article’s author did not personally find any value in. Pretty common and effective clickbait tactic, draws in the people who just want to make fun of anyone different from them AND the people with interests they’re passionate enough about to want to defend. And then if you’re lucky those two groups will fight, which means more clicks, yay! Win-win…for everyone except the passionate people, of course, but they should have just let it go, right? That seems to be the general opinion – the people being picked at need to just stay in their hole, ignore it, turn the other cheek. No one would have known if they’d just kept their mouths shut, if they’d just stayed hidden and kept their passion a lonely secret.

What a shitty way to expect someone to live.

Trolls as depicted by Rien PoortvlietI’ve talked here before about the Asshole Writers Club, and how one of their goals is to stop ‘certain people’ from writing. Just like assholes in art want to stop ‘certain people’ from creating art, and assholes in gaming want to stop ‘certain people’ from playing video games…ooh, I can hear the a-hole writers and artists screaming already, how dare I compare them to gaming trolls! They are, though.  They may all have their own different definitions of ‘certain people’, but it’s still trolling. It’s still – gasp! – bullying. Still and always indefensible.

Of course, the argument could be made that a troll’s passion is trolling. Which is probably true in a lot of cases, and which probably says some things about humanity that would be better left unsaid. But I digress.

There seems to be a certain segment of people who say ‘your passion is not okay, because I do not share it’. Those people, if you’ve ever doubted it, are wrong. They are so wrong it hurts. They are so wrong that if you squeezed them wrongness would ooze out and make a sticky, stinking mess on the ground.

It’s okay to like things that other people don’t like, don’t understand, or don’t enjoy.

It’s okay to be passionate, to love something, to want to play and create and share.

It’s okay to do whatever it is you do ‘for love of the game’.

(Unless it’s trolling, of course. Because who wants to be passionate about being full of shit?)


In the Land of Ever After

In the Land of Ever After: Chapter 8 – A Box of Apples

John has one more task to complete with regards to the treasury, but this one has to be done in secret.

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