Happy Turkey Day!

Unless you are a turkey, in which case…sorry? Tell you what, I’ll write you into A World Full of Monsters, you can be a Dangerously Modified Turkey. That doesn’t make up for how many of your relatives I’ve eaten? Well, I tried. Now excuse me while I go put your cousin in the rotisserie. He’s going to be delicious.

Happy Thanksgiving - unless you're a turkey

Anyway, today is Thanksgiving and I do have thanks to give. Thank you to all of you reading my stories, for leaving kudos and comments on AO3, for visiting this blog every week to see what’s new. You really don’t know how much it means to me that you all enjoy the stories I write, and that you ask for more, and even that some of you demand more. It just means so, so much to any author when you let us know that we aren’t shouting into the void. So really, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

And from my family to yours, I hope you have a happy, wonderful holiday season, starting with today and crossing my fingers for you that nothing burns and no one fights and the cable doesn’t go out right in the middle of the parade/the game/the dog show. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Spider Bunnies from Hell

A baby hellbunnyYes, there is now an excerpt available on the Stories page from A World Full of Monsters – you can thank Chuck for that, I wasn’t going to give you any until the end of the month. But I love my hellbunnies, and this bit of the story was done enough to share, so if you pop on over to the Stories page you can read all about these adorable little creatures Dave claims he made by accident. While Danny was out of the lab for a few days. With the mod they weren’t going to use anymore because it made freaky things.

Come to think of it, maybe Dave has been alone in the lab a little too much lately…

Annual Barbarian Melee Day

It’s less than a week away! I mean Black Friday, of course. You thought I meant Thanksgiving? Pfft. Thanksgiving is just the Black Friday pre-game.

I’ve bitched about Black Friday before, not going to repeat the rant again. I know that for some of you the Annual Barbarian Melee is a tradition and you have no desire to give it up. So if you’re one of those people, I have just one tiny request of you – don’t worry, you’re going to like it. Here it is:

When you drive down to the store parking lot in the wee hours of Black Friday’s frigid morning, you’re probably going to see someone who’s been camped out in that parking lot for hours or even days because they need that one 75%-off smarter-than-they-are TV more than they’ve ever needed anything else in their lives. I want you to watch this person; I want you to get close to them, and stay close.

And when those doors open, I want you to cockblock that avaricious asshole so hard they won’t get their shopping boner up again until Valentines Day. You can even get your friends to help – any tradition worth keeping is worth sharing, right? Just get in the way of that one unrepentant cheating douchebag enough to slow them down so they can’t be first, and then you can plunge into the melee and enjoy yourself. Will you do that for me? Will you do it for all of us? Because with this one small act, you can put some of the true meaning back into the Black Friday holiday. The retailers may want it to be all about the money, but we know that this isn’t just about shopping, oh no – Black Friday is about letting the gleeful barbarian melee fighter inside of you come out to play.

Saint Conan - Patron of Black Friday Shoppers

Oh, and if you see someone leave their baby in a cart while they run off in pursuit of those sweet, sweet deals? First person to reach the baby gets to keep it – just tell the cashier it’s the spoils of war.

On the 20th Day of NaNo

NaNo 2015 Winner!
Validated 20Nov15 @ 60,766 words

I usually wait until the 30th day to validate, but that’s because I usually don’t have 50,000 words to validate with until the 30th day. I will still be adding to the story every day for the rest of the month, though, because I want my badge for updating my word count 30 days in a row. Because I am easily motivated to compete by the availability of unlockable achievements. 😀

In novel news, the Sasquatch thing finally got resolved, we learned that Dave doesn’t usually get to go on these little jaunts with Danny because his girlfriend doesn’t want him to, and someone found a dead selkie on the beach in San Francisco.

In other novel news, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that this book – which I’ll probably release as a serial – will need to be illustrated. I’ve been sort of casually looking around on Fiverr, but if any of you have any suggestions for possible artists feel free to share them with me in the comments.

And the Snow Thaws

Yes, it’s finally here: Spring Thaw, the sequel to Damage Control.

Now, this story brings the Guardians of the Galaxy into the AU, and they’re mostly aliens, so while it may seem a little strange to hear someone refer to Thor’s people as freaky cultists or the Iron Man armor as an ‘overbuilt mech suit’, from the perspective of the Guardians…

Peter Quill - Star Lord
Peter Quill dressed to go into space.

…it does actually make sense.

There will eventually be a third story in this series – obviously, because of all the hinting built into this story – just don’t expect it any time soon. The part of Summer Rain I already have written isn’t enough to stand on its own at this point, and it has some serious plot issues that need to be addressed but which I probably won’t have time to attend to until next year. Until then enjoy, and speculate away! 😉

On the Twelfth Day of NaNo

Forty K earned!

According to my stats over there, I could throttle it down to just over 400 words a day and still win. Not gonna happen, though – the throttling, not the winning. Danny and the boys are going nuts getting into new things. Case in point: Today they created the Laughing Dog and something called a cateet which apparently isn’t what it sounds like. They won’t tell me what they made the cateet out of, I just know there are four of them and for some reason one has a lizard tail.

In other news, I’m currently doing a final edit on the sequel to Damage Control, and I may actually get to go to a NaNo write-in this weekend. So if anybody else is planning to attend Super Writer!, drop me a line in the comments!

On the Ninth Day of NaNo

…Some tree people happened, even though the boys had no idea that kind of mod was possible, and Danny and Dave ended up having to save them.

Nobody made a Mongolian Death Worm, even though somebody asked for one – turns out their neighbors were not on board with that idea, go figure.
Mongolian Death Worm courtesy of Animal PlanetAnd Doc abducted Danny for nefarious purposes, because Doc is nuts. Here’s what Joey had to say about that situation after they got Danny back:

 “…It was a game, and that was his opening move. He needs us to be against him, and he needed to prove to himself that you were the good guy to his bad guy, Danny. And man, did you ever prove it.”

Minotaur Mating and a Russian Owlbear


We’re just going into the fifth day of NaNoWriMo, and so far my story has

  • Changed its entire plot;
  • Gone from third-person to first-person narration;
  • Spawned multiple named characters with distinct personalities;
  • Shifted the focus of its plot again to accommodate what those characters decided they were doing;
  • Spawned a character the other characters call ‘Doc Wolvie’ who threatened to turn anyone who came after him into a star-nosed mole-person (mole part pictured above), and who just may be crazy;
  • Introduced a frustrated minotaur named Manny;
  • Taken the main character to Russia, where he was pursued through the woods by an owlbear; and
  • Hit 11,471 words.

Oh, and it’s also outgrown the cover I originally made for it, and possibly the title too. Because the main character, who named himself Dr. Daniel Darling somewhere around Day 2, has decided that he doesn’t like the word ‘monster’ and he gets upset if any of the other characters use it. In spite of the fact that he and the boys provided a guy in Australia with live drop bears for his private animal preserve – that’s man-eating koalas, in case you didn’t know.