Make a Creepy Pumpkin

If you want an alternative to putting a giant orange squash on your porch and letting it rot for a month, how about putting out a fake rotting orange squash? In this video, Hauntcast’s awesome g/host Chris Baker demonstrates how to turn a  foam funkin into a Corpsed Pumpkin using cotton balls, latex, and craft paint.

BONUS: Hauntcast just put out its October episode today, so go have a listen!

Whoa, Check This Out!

I just read the most awesome short fic for – get this – Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It’s called The Cab Ride That Changed My Life Forever (although their title guy has probably changed it by now because f**king clickbait), and it was written by Cracked writer John Cheese. It is really well done, if you’ve ever seen the show or you know the song you should totally go over there and read it. And maybe leave John some nice feedback while you’re over there, too, because he definitely deserves some kudos for this story.